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Teen Titans Next Gen: Junior Devil :iconxskylatheechidnax:xSkylaTheEchidnax 5 0 Sonic Style: Freddy FNaF :iconxskylatheechidnax:xSkylaTheEchidnax 1 0 Sonic Style: Bonnie FNaF :iconxskylatheechidnax:xSkylaTheEchidnax 1 0 Teen Titans Oc: Alakazam :iconxskylatheechidnax:xSkylaTheEchidnax 1 0 Sonic Style: Chica FNaF :iconxskylatheechidnax:xSkylaTheEchidnax 3 0 Sonic Style: Foxy FNaF :iconxskylatheechidnax:xSkylaTheEchidnax 4 0 Emily's Audition :iconxskylatheechidnax:xSkylaTheEchidnax 2 0 Kendra's Audition :iconxskylatheechidnax:xSkylaTheEchidnax 2 0 Allen's Audition :iconxskylatheechidnax:xSkylaTheEchidnax 1 0 Adam's Audition :iconxskylatheechidnax:xSkylaTheEchidnax 2 6 Sonic Style: Ty :iconxskylatheechidnax:xSkylaTheEchidnax 3 2 Sonic Style: Ember Mclain :iconxskylatheechidnax:xSkylaTheEchidnax 8 0 Sonic Style: Coco Bandicoot :iconxskylatheechidnax:xSkylaTheEchidnax 9 0 Total Drama OC: Adam Mitchell :iconxskylatheechidnax:xSkylaTheEchidnax 2 0 MLP: The Joker :iconxskylatheechidnax:xSkylaTheEchidnax 5 3 MLP: Harley Quinn(Suicide Squad) :iconxskylatheechidnax:xSkylaTheEchidnax 6 3


Sly/Carm sketches :iconmoon-shyne:Moon-Shyne 53 16
Sly Cooper reboot 1 of 2: Heroes and allies
The modern day iteration of the Cooper Gang, founded by Sly, Murray and Bentley, upholding the Cooper name and responsible for reassembling the Thievius Raccoonus and putting a defeat to the Cooper Gang’s most dangerous enemies.
The main character. The last in a long line of master thieves, he was to inherit their heirloom, the Thievius Raccoonus on his eight’ birthday, as the Fiendish Five ransacked his house, stole the book and killed his parents. He wounded up in an orphanage where he was lonely and bullied before meeting Bentley and Murray, whom became his trusted crew, friends and family. They would band together and become the newest Cooper Gang in later life and Sly would train to become a great thief even without the book.
After honing his skills enough he set out a journey to find the Fiendish Five, steal back the pages from them, claim his heritage and complete the Thi
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Just got moved from my job so cash is tough. I can't pay for commissions so please give me points!!!! I don't have any nor do I know how to get them :(

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xSkylaTheEchidnax's Profile Picture
Meagan Skellington
United States
Name's Meg, and I'm so happy to be able to upload my art here again! Some of you might remember me as SkylaTheEchidna years ago.

I specialize in anime, Total Drama, Grojband, MLP, Sonic, Monster High, Ever After High, Vocaloid and Teen Titans art styles. Requests are for friends ONLY! I am open to art trades and hope to have commissions ready to open soon. You can pick any of the styles above and pick a base or a hand drawn picture of your oc like the ones I have. As you can see, my name is Meagan Skellington. I plan to legally change my surname to Skellington one day, because Jack and Sally are the parents I never had. It sounds weird, but then again I am weird. My hobbies including drawing, roleplaying on Fanfiction, singing, listening to music, and checking out new stuff.

I have a wide variety of musicians I love, mainly Pop, Rock, Punk and Alternative. These musicians include My Chemical Romance(I LOVE GERARD FOREVER!!!!), Fall out Boy, Daft Punk, Avril Lavigne, Green Day, All-American Rejects, Panic! At The Disco, Cobra Starship, 3oh!3, Michael Jackson(Rest in peace MJ, the world will forever mourn you as the legendary king of pop you are...), Eminem(He is literally the ONLY rapper I will listen to.), Adam Lambert(He may gay but he drives the women crazy! ;3), Prozzak(Simon is too cute for words! He is awesome!!!) Marilyn Manson(He's a freak, but man can he make music!), Gorillaz(LOVE 2-D!!), Justin Timberlake, Linking Park(Their music is so different amongst the other rockstars!) Vocaloid(I love them all, but my faves are Kaito and Lily!), Enrique Iglesias(He's hot and knows what women wanna hear! Probably spelt his name wrong.) Bowling for Soup(Their music pumps you full of energy!) and Simple Plan(They've helped me through so many hard times...).

I also love foreign upbeat music, mainly Japanese. I heart Homemade Kazoku and BoA! I'm also pretty big on anime, mainly Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Blue Exorcist, Hellsing Ultimate, Inuyasha(my first anime!), Sailor Moon, Eureka 7, Samurai 7, Seven Deadly Sins and Black Butler! I love horror movies, but not Rob Zombie films. They're not scary, just disgusting and gory. And perverted. I want to be in suspense and scream and jump in fear, not lose my dinner. My favorites include Paranormal Activity series, Hellraiser series, Evil Dead(2013 edition), V/H/S(This movie is SERIOUSLY scary!), Friday the 13th series, Nightmare on Elm Street series, Halloween series, Chucky series, and others. I am also really into cartoons like Grojband, MLP, Total Drama, Teen Titans, Young Justice, Danny Phantom, Fairly Oddparents, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, She-Ra, Sonic the Hedgehog, Monster High, Ever After High, you know a bit of everything.

I am also a fan of animated Disney films, especially the classics. My top 3 are 3. Frozen 2. Hercules 1. Lion King. I am also a big RotG fan! Gotta love Jack Frost! I love movies about fantasy worlds, horror, super natural, thriller, suspense, comedy, family and angst. One of my favorites is without a doubt Interstella 5555: The 5tory Of The 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. Just beautiful.... HUGE Tim Burton fan! Obviously my favorites must be Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands and Sweeney Todd!

Those are my top 3 with NBC at the top. I am also a writer, and you can read my stuff on Wattpad! Just look up Meg Skellington! I have tons of stories written, just gotta stop being lazy and upload them. I also have my popular Nightmare Before Christmas sequel story Deadly Nightshade, featuring Meg Skellington! It is a sequel to the video game sequel Oogie's Revenge. Click the link below to reach my Fanfiction account! Well that's enough about me for now. Info on commissions and art trades will be coming soon! So keep watching! I'm signing off. Keep running in this beautiful, perfect world and stay ugly, crashqueens and motorbabies! Special treat to the first one who can tell me what that's from! -Meg Skellington(Night Lithium)

The ID icon is the puppet from fnaf, created by :icongeeksomniac:
The profile picture is Lolbit from Fnaf: Sister Location, found on the fnaf wiki!
That's right! I've decided to create my own pony species with my sister :iconxtheworldisacanvasx: as co-owner! There will be three species everyone! Here will be their guidelines!


Mane is transparent and flowing.
Bodies are pastel in color, transparent.
Back legs are replaced with a ghost-like tail.
Eyes glow white with no pupils or irises.
No cutie marks.
They float.
No unicorns or pegasi.
Names are supernatural-related.

Grid Ponies

Bodies are black or white.
Neon glowing circuitry design on legs and back.
Cutie mark is identity disc in corresponding color.
Mane and tail have geometric angles/edges.
Eyes are white/ pupils and irises are neon glow.
Lashes and surrounding eye area glow corresponding color to rest of pony.
Horn glows in corresponding color as do wings.
Name are technology-related.

Created by me, inspired by Tron Legacy and Tron: Uprising!


Bodies are various colors.
Legs end in fins.
Tail ends in a tail fin.
Mane is transparent and made of fin-like material.
Can be pegasi or unicorns.
Males have a dorsal fin on back.
No cutie marks.
Pegasi can fly.
Unicorns can move around on the shores.
Can breathe oxygen.
Names are sea-related.

Inspired by the new character Princess SkyStar in the upcoming My Little Pony: The Movie!

These species are not open yet as I need to make the reference sheet for each species! This just so you all know what's coming!


Teen Titans Next Gen: Junior Devil
Titan Name: Junior Devil

Powers&Abilities: , capacity to breathe fire, enhanced strength and endurance, and an ability to heal from non-fatal wounds ten times faster than a human, and a prehensile tail.

Equipment: none

Species: metahuman

Status [Student/Clueless Civilian/Titan]: Titan

Place [City/Academy/Etc.]: Titans East

Team Status[Leader/2nd in command/Secret Weapon/Member]: Member


Personal Info

Real Name: Russell Pyrus Bloomberg

Age: 16

Personality: He is sweet, friendly, easily flustered, and has a habit of saying the wrong things. People get mad at him quite a bit, while others avoid him, calling him a demon due to his parentage. He is the grandson of Slade so not many people like him, aside from the other titans. He tries to avoid going out in public. He feels safer inside the tower. His hobbies include playing video games and watching movies(he is terrified of horror movies!)


History: tba

Relationships Eddie Bloomberg(father) Rose Wilson(mother) slade wilson(grandfather)

Note: Finished on gmonday, but didn't find a first name for him til last night lol. Russell means little red one ;) and i sketched the puppet in Sonic Style from FNaF and Started sketching Mangle! MANGLE IS COMPLICATED!!!
Sonic Style: Freddy FNaF
And here is Freddy!!! I know he doesnt look too Sonic like, but i had to thicken his limbs and add his dimples. He didn't look right otherwise. But I still love him!!!
Sonic Style: Bonnie FNaF
I finally finished the main four!!!! After uploading Freddy I will design Marionette the puppet and SpringTrap. And Mangle! Love Bonnie's pretty eyes!!!
Teen Titans Oc: Alakazam
Here is my Young Justice Oc Silas aka Alakazam in Teen Titans Style! Technically he would be a tt oc since his father is Mumbo Jumbo, a villain from TT. I digitalized him and attempted shading a digital pic for the first time...I HATED IT!!!! There has to be a faster, easier way to shade! Don't worry Bonnie, Freddy and Cheetara are still on the way!!! After I digitalize My other tt oc Junior Devil. Guess who his parents will be!!!
Silas art and design copyright me!
Sonic Style: Chica FNaF
Here is Chica guys!!!!hope you like her! I love how cute she looks! And I made her feminine too!



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